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Safety Harbor Boat Club

I had a crown that came loose. My regular dentist is closed on Friday, so I stopped in here (close to Bonefish Grill) for a no-insurance retiree estimate on having it re-cemented, if possible. The amount was reasonable, so we proceeded with an inspection. I have to admit this was the best dental appointment in years. First, even though the dentist had to do extra work to "do it right", he honored his original estimate. It pleased me that he put quality of work ahead of profits.

Second, I really liked how he not only explained what he was doing, but also explained what he was planning to do in great detail and the reasoning used. He even changed his mind a couple of times, like he was thinking out loud and considering options as the exam progressed. I found his talking very reassuring and his actions lacking surprises. When done, it felt as the crown had never came out.

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